• Flood Tide Film and Soundtrack Downloads

    HD Stream and download of Flood Tide and the film's original soundtrack by Dark Dark Dark in mp3 and FLAC formats.

  • Deluxe Vinyl Package

    Double LP of the soundtrack with laser etched art
    HD download and stream of the feature film
    mp3 & FLAC downloads of the soundtrack.

  • Flood Tide: Feature Film

    HD download and stream of the feature film

  • Dark Dark Dark's Original Soundtrack

    High quality mp3 and FLAC downloads of Dark Dark Dark's original score. Also includes HD stream and download of the Flood Tide trailer.

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About the Film

A group of artists and musicians who live in a small, post-industrial town chase jobs, struggle with bills, and use art and music to build their own small world. When their friend Maya dies, they set out on an extraordinary voyage, unknowingly accompanied by her ghostly presence. And while they drift past empty new condo developments, explore crumbling castles, and swim in iridescent quarries, Maya narrates a parallel story about a strange and meandering river that flows both ways.
 Flood Tide is a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a project dreamed up by the artist Swoon and built by a group of artists and performers who floated seven large sculptures down the Hudson River. Flood Tide interweaves documentation of this journey with layers of fiction, mythology, and oral history to create a film that both documents and reimagines the real-life project. 
Music is an integral part of Flood Tide, both on screen and off. The film features an all- original score by the band Dark Dark Dark and includes several onscreen performances by the band as well as a special performance by renowned musician Pauline Oliveros.